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Flexible Squares Layouts

Layouts for Flexible Squares and Icons
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This community is for layouts using the Flexible Square layout provided by LJ, but customized by me. It's boring if you can only use the few layouts that are given to you by LJ and here you can get a different in a few simple steps.

I decided to start posting my icons here as well and not let them rot mostly unseen in my photobucket account.

Any questions? Leave a comment over HERE!

All the posts with the layouts will be friends-locked, so make sure to join the community to be able to see the posts.

Before I'll leave you alone now, if you want to post your layouts here as well, please let me know.

1. Comment please, so I'll know you take my stuff.

2. Credit me in your userinfo, your sidebar or someplace else, but credit is always nice and other will know where you got the layout from.

3. You're allowed to modify the layout, but let me know. That'd be nice, just because I am so damn curious.

4. Have fun!

1. Look through the community entries to see which layout you like.

2. Let me know which one you want to use, just because I want to know where it is going and if you like it or not. Meaning... Leave a comment and make my day.

3. Switch your LJ to S2 if you haven't already and then to Flexible Squares.

4. Paste the layout-code into the box 'custom stlyesheet' under 'custom css' and save it. (if you don't know what I am talking about... look HERE)

5. You may change the colors of your navigation-strip and some other small things, but that is up to you.

6. You're done ;)

1. If you want to request a layout click HERE
If you want to request icons, then please click HERE

2. Tell me which pics you want, better post them right there, tell me if you want to have text on it and if so what you want on there and everything else you want to have.

3. Give me some time ;)

4. If you have requests for some other graphics, just tell me and we'll see if I can do something for you.

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